n e w s

as fall slips into view.

aug 2020

this summer of the pandemic and the black lives matter movement has been stunning, a summer of loss, devastation, and change. the challenge of imagining an unimaginable a post-pandemic future has somehow turned into, as one friend put it, a crucial exercise of projecting into the future -- of re-imagining a better practice, one that is socially responsive, generous and life-affirming to the fullest extent.

how can we answer the call of the moment as artists? well, certain dream projects -- ones that always seemed to get tended to during the meager time in between live performance work -- might now offer new perspectives. a project that i've been dreaming up for longleash over the past couple years is finally beginning to surface, starting with a beautiful film of Pauline Oliveros' Tree/Peace, directed by Pascal Perich -- a balm for dark times, we hope.

over the last few months, i've also been asking myself how we can reclaim our attentional capacity, and in the process, heal ourselves and our communities a little. a new podcast project i've created in collaboration with my longleash pals attempts to address just that. "states of listening," currently in development, will exist at the intersection of listening practices and mindfulness, with a projected release in january 2021.

i've been so inspired by the resilience of my students and fellow educators during this time. i've seen students completely refashion their practice routines, find new ways of connecting virtually, and recognize their artistic and personal needs in profound ways. i've witnessed educator colleagues do the impossible. early on during the shutdown, i had the opportunity to scour the internet for classical music resources and compile them into one living document (and still adding)! i'm thrilled to reconnect with my students at Juilliard's Preparatory Division and at Hunter College, and excited to explore new ways of developing our craft and sharing our voices.

longleash has kept busy planning, developing, adjusting, reinventing: a new eco-responsiveness program under development featuring commissions from James Diaz and Eve Beglarian; a virtual "movie night" for our composition seminar, The Loretto Project, featuring multimedia works that have come out of those sessions; a new BIPOC commissioning fund with a matching support pledge from members of Longleash; and a new interactive donation platform, in which supporters can choose projects that speak to the issues closest to their heart.

take good care - p.

aug '20.